Music April 13 – 17

“Your goal is 20 MINUTES OF MUSIC every day! Here are your options…

1) Spend 20 minutes per day on the Weekly Project – submit your project by FRIDAY. The top 5 submissions will be highlighted on ClassDojo the next week.


2) Spend 20 minutes on Quick Music – every week I will upload a new “Quick Music”  schedule. You should do the listening activity of the day, then spend the rest of your time on one of the 4 choice activities under your grade level. 

As always, if you have any questions or concerns or just want to say “hi,” please email me at

IF YOU HAVE AN INSTRUMENT AT HOME – email me! I am happy to send along extra materials so that you can keep making music on whatever you have lying around in your home. Ukulele, guitar, piano, harmonica, recorder, ANYTHING! 

Let’s Make Some Music!”

Weekly Project

You’re mission this week is to tell me what you’ve been up while you’re practicing social distancing….THROUGH SONG! I’ve been spending A LOT of quality time with my cats. Here’s the song I wrote about how crazy how I have felt about it!

This is what my song looks like using the Hip Hop Hamburger – see if you can sing along!

Now it’s your turn! Download your own “Hip-Hop-Hamburger” worksheet and fill it in to write a song about your time at home, then email it to me! As soon as you send it, we will get started making your lyrics into a singable song using the program called Band Lab. I created my WHOLE song using this website on my laptop, and you can too! When you’re songs are finished, I may highlight yours on ClassDojo for our families to sing along!

Happy Song Writing!

Quick Music

Ms. Falkenstine

Music Teacher

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